Simple Docker development environments for Laravel.

Use It:

Why Vessel?

Vessel started as a bash script I put together to make working with Docker easier.

It all started because Docker commands are cumbersome to type. You end up in the CLI pretty often when hacking on Laravel projects - a typical workflow in Laravel involves creating controllers or models, creating and running migrations, running queue workers, adding more packages, and more!

I developed this workflow from my own daily use, and even created a free video series about it. However, I wanted to make something more official that everyone could easily use.

This goal of this project is to be as simple as possible while also giving people a glimpse into how Docker works. I hope you find Docker a really neat way to compartmentalize your projects, and make hacking on projects (on any machine) a breeze.

What's Included

The aim of this project is simplicity. It (only) includes:

  • PHP 7.4
  • MySQL 5.7
  • Redis (latest)
  • NodeJS (latest), with NPM, Yarn, & Gulp

If you need or want more technologies in your project, check out the docs on Customizing Vessel.